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Regardless of your project, the need for 2D detail plans and map data has always been and will continue to be crucial, especially in the planning phases of your operation.

2d drawing example of roadworks
Swept Path drawing example

Informative Schematics

Our 2D schematics are designed to convey as much information as possible without any unnecessary items that may make it confusing to potential readers. Whatever type of road you want schematics for, you can rest assured our service can cover you.

Any project, small or large

By getting your hands on 2D map data, traffic management on projects of all scale becomes much easier. From single-lane closures to advanced, multi-layered operations, 2D data can provide you with a host of information at a glance.

Up-to-date mastermap data

We use only the latest Ordnance Survey MasterMap data to give you the most accurate to-scale maps possible. As a result, our 2D maps are easy to read yet also detailed and comprehensive.

Properly regulated

All of our drawings strictly adhere to the appropriate regulations and best codes of practice, such as the Safety at Street Works and Road Works (2013). The safety of the public and all personnel is, after all, the top priority.

Specialist mapping

For instances where detailed topographical information is of vital importance, such as in utility mapping, you need to ensure that your 2D maps are of the highest quality. Our specialist utility mapping service can give you that peace of mind and ensure the safety of your workers.

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