Amberon – Conwy Tunnel

We’ve been working directly with Amberon to help them complete traffic management schemes all along the A55 for the past year now.

In this example we produced contraflow works, in both directions, to allow for maintenance crews to work on the Conwy Tunnel.

See some of the westbound drawings below:-

Amberon – Conwy Tunnel


TMPlans are delighted to be working with the team at Effiege Kier on the HS2 project.

We have been tasked with designing traffic management schemes for the many works accesses required along the HS2 route; as well as providing HGV routes towards these access points plus many other types of drawings including some 3D visuals for stakeholder meetings.


M4 Smart Motorway

We have been proudly working on the M4 Smart Motorway project between junctions 3 to 12.

Working closely with Chevron, Virtus & Balfour Beaty to help design complex contraflow schemes, combining existing and proposed works has been a challenge but one we have very much enjoyed.

Shutdowns that have contributed to 100’s of miles of diversion routes, most notably for the Old Slade Lane demolition works; have been collectively thought out and implemented in the design process.

M4 Smart Motorway project

A47 improvements – Roundabout drawing

Highways England are to complete 115 miles of junction improvements on the A47 between Peterborough and Great Yarmouth in order to deliver £1.5 billion government project which includes creating a new 21 mile A14 link road between Cambridge and Huntingdon.

Before works of this size are to be undertaken, months of surveys and upgrades/repairs are to take place to support the improvements.

One example of these preparations is the replacement of lighting columns / illuminated signs at key junctions. We were requested to produce multiple phased TM Plans on various sections to complete proposed works.

The below example shows an outer ring (lane 1 closure) designed and implemented on the A47/A10 Kings Lynn Roundabout. – A47 Improvements

3D Modelling for Improved Traffic Management Visualisation – Example A14

We can create 3D Models which can be viewed as a ‘fly through’; guiding the client/user through the model to view everything from traffic management and new road layouts, improving the understanding of proposed works and its effect on vehicles and pedestrians.

The benefit of 2D traffic management drawings are that we can see distances and layout very quickly in order to familiarise ourselves with the scheme , whereas 3D modelling allows the user to see the road layout from a driver perspective which not only improves a users understanding of the design but also highlights the possible dangers reinforcing the need for traffic management, advanced warning signs and any other general safety measures.

Furthermore, 3D Modelling allows for an accurate depiction of the real world and how we use it; moreover how we would manoeuvre through it as a road user whilst works are ongoing. 3D Models allow us to see the topography of the land which is very useful for sign and taper locations avoiding any potential hazards at the design stage when proposing any traffic management.

This is an example of a 3D model we produced for the A14. This is a flythrough of just a portion of the model we created, although when sent to the client/user; it can be scrolled through on the screen if needed, useful for stakeholder meetings, training, inductions, etc.

Click to see flythrough


 Highways England Info

Highways England Improvement Scheme Info

A14 – Full Route 2D Drawing

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