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Swept Path Analysis

Our Swept Path Analysis

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A Swept Path Analysis measures and calculates the path and movement of different parts of a vehicle as the vehicle steers.

Providing you with an understanding of the space needed for a vehicle/vehicles to successfully execute a turn in specific locations and circumstances.

Who is Swept Path Analysis valuable for ?

Developers, engineers, architects and site owners rely on this analysis to evaluate the real-world impact of different vehicle types in motion, without the necessity of physically operating the machine.

Empowered by our Swept Path Analysis, clients can save time, energy and cost as they optimise the design process of their projects. Our team, at TM Plans, is ready to support your organisation with our years of service excellence. We are eager to help match the talent of your professionals with the technical accuracy of our team.

Offering a dependable and trustworthy Traffic management service

The Vehicle Swept Path Analysis service at TM Plans

Regardless of how atypical your vehicle or conditions happens to be, we will provide you with an informative report which mirrors the real world driving experience.

We assemble attractive data-driven simulations by utilising advanced vehicle tracking software. Our Swept Path Analysis Services make it easier for you identify potential pitfalls while reassuring the strategy behind your decisions. We help you assess the aptness of your planning.

Additional benefits

  • We provide vehicle tracking drawings (often required by Local Authorities, to prevent delays in the planning application process).
  • We help ensure the design of your car park project is configured with the right specifications for accessible parking bays.
  • We provide confidence in the building of fire stations and emergency service developments, by helping to ensure emergency vehicles can move freely.
  • We help engineers and local authorities understand the feasibility of a new junction or roundabout. We demonstrate how vehicles of different sizes will manoeuvre around the proposed project, helping to ensure correct determinations.

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