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TM Plans is a client-centric brand of Computer Aided Design (CAD) specialists. We commit ourselves to service excellence to assist engineers, designers and all of your stakeholders with precise, informative and actionable solutions.

With many years of experience working with CAD technology and its uses we guarantee our customers receive the most advanced solutions.


As the world’s leading design and drafting software, AutoCAD enables us to assure remarkable insight and design. Highly regarded in a variety of industries, the benefits and features of the program are perhaps too numerous to name, but we thought we’d highlight a few:

  • Map 3D Toolset
  • Solid, surface and mesh modelling
  • Files accessible on multiple platforms( Web, app and devices with a browser)
  • Shared Views among multiple users
  • Smooth zoom, pan and range draw orders
  • Surfaces and point cloud tools
  • Accessible Topographical Data
  • 3D Navigation
  • Section Planes
  • And much more

Thanks to AutoCAD, it has never been easier to assure realistic representations of your civic projects. As Traffic Management experts, we can put together compelling technical drawings and schematics. The software allows us to create designs with precision while helping to lower project development costs, boost productivity, improve quality and satisfy civil project stakeholders much faster.

The data-driven design of AutoCAD also allows us to address critical physical characteristics of our created models.

With AutoCAD, we can identify and rectify design flaws. Both the form and functions of various aspects of your civic projects are tested for potential weaknesses.

Generally, AutoCAD allows us to bring ideas to life. And above all else, it allows us to maximise the time and money of our clients efficiently.

Cone 11

CONE has become an industry standard. And at TM Plans, we have it mastered!

The software comes ready with over 3000 signs. Its set of symbols and schematics is accompanied by a user-friendly interface which makes the program a Traffic Management essential.

It eliminates the inefficiencies typically associated with organising standard layouts or elaborate schemes. As a result, we can reduce delays which hinder the execution of a project.

We can also utilise the multipurpose CONE schematics to address all areas of traffic management: Traffic signs, Mapping Tools, schematics diagrams, symbols and supplementary detail drawings.

By maximising the available features, we can provide clients with incredible service that achieves desired results for stakeholders and the travelling public.

Adobe Premiere

Our clients hire us for our expertise, and we believe part of our job is to make the Traffic Management process as straightforward as possible. Used by professional filmmakers and video editors, TM Plans relies on Adobe Premiere to organise and help transfer videos in a format that is accessible and easy to use.

Civil 3D

Civil 3D makes collaboration, visualisation and analysis easier than it has ever been. And especially when it comes to Traffic Management, the software comes in handy for:

  • Rail Track Layouts
  • Grading
  • Surface Modelling
  • Geotechnical Modelling
  • Gravity Pipe Networks
  • Plot Design
  • And More

We confidently rely on Civil 3D because of how quickly it allows us to produce outstanding civil designs.

Tasks which would typically take hours are compressed into productive minutes. We can connect critical drafts/documentation to projects, ensuring that no detail is missed as we approach deadlines.


KeySIGN is a flexible software used by traffic sign designers and manufacturers to draw signs which are compliant in regards to regulation fonts, symbols and types. When it comes to Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions, we can approach Ordnance Survey mapping with the precision required to satisfy clients.

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking

Our experts rely on the software for a host of reasons, including:

  • Vehicle Swept Path Analysis
  • Parking Lot Design
  • Roundabout Design
  • Airport Design
  • Light Rail and Tram Design

As road and civic project designers, we utilise this Swept Path Analysis Software to realise the potential path taking by vehicles and machinery. With Autodesk Vehicle Tracking we can simulate the exact real word manoeuvring behaviour of trucks, cars, bikes etc. while taking into account the environment in which they operate.

The efficiency achieved by Autodesk Vehicle Tracking is simply essential. Thanks to this software we can optimise planning and design.

We can generate 3D Arc Paths with ease. We can assure design standards in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Switzerland and many other countries. We can accurately simulate the rear steering systems on large goods vehicles. We can anticipate where a path may cause conflict for real-world drivers. Plus, with more options than ever, we can transform two-dimensional simulations into three-dimensional representations which can be analysed and interacted with by clients.


Revit is a remarkable program used for building information modelling. Its powerful and intuitive interface integrates the information based modelling process to plan, construct, manage and design buildings and infrastructure.

Key features which make Revit invaluable to our team include:

  • Worksharing
  • Incorporated Global Parameters
  • Parametric Components
  • IFC4 Interoperability
  • Text Appearance Control and WYSIWYG Editing


On Revit, we can build individual projects and connect your teams/stakeholders for a collaborative effort, without the risk of data loss. This also allows us to add value as we execute the expectations of a project.

Not only are we able to create Immersive 3D experiences, but also, clients do not have to worry about compromising on visuals with the photorealistic graphic rendered by Revit.

But perhaps most importantly, before project managers make decisions, Revit allows us to get a better understanding of the means and materials required to achieve critical objectives.

We can appreciate how essential factors combine, which lowers risk, boosts cost savings, reduces delays, and improves the quality of insight.


KeyLINES is a UK and Irish road marking software package which allows engineers to produce road markings and traffic management drawings easily in AutoCAD.

It calculates costs and provides a 3D driver’s eye view. The markings in KeyLINES’ library fully comply with both the Irish and the United Kingdom’s Regulations and Traffic Signs Manuals.

Full support for rich Building Information Models (BIM). Markings and street features include full data and are automatically draped onto Civil 3D digital terrain and road corridor designs to provide fully realistic visualisations.

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